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Facilities & Real Estate

Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate (JHFRE) provides full plant operations support services for the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus, as well as planning, design, and construction for the schools and divisions across the Johns Hopkins enterprise, including Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County.  Additionally, JHFRE provides leasing and property management for the university as well as the Health System and its affiliates.  Also within JHFRE is the Office of Sustainability, offering university-wide services. 

Our Services Include:

Our maintenance services focus on the Homewood Campus and nearby buildings, but you can easily request service for other Johns Hopkins campuses, including East Baltimore, Bayview and the Peabody Conservatory.

JHU SON Rendering

School of Nursing Pinkard Building Addition and Renovation Project

Macaulay Hall

  • Macaulay Hall has undergone an extensive core and shell renovation. 


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Temporary Structures Project
Oct 19, 2020 8:01:00 AM EDT

Whiting-Turner will be mobilizing on site on Thursday 10/22/20, to begin construction of the Temporary Structure on the Freshman Quad. They will begin with installing the temporary tree protection for the Freshman Quad construction site. The fencing is represented by the red line on the attached map. The contractor will have flaggers on site to redirect pedestrian traffic as required. Once installed, the tree protection will not affect pedestrian traffic around the quad. However the pathways through the quad will be closed and appropriate signage will be installed, as shown on the map. The site work will follow and the temporary structure will be installed and completed by Mid-January. During this time we will have materials delivered to the site. Whiting-Turner will use flaggers as required to maintain the safety of pedestrians....Click here to read more.

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