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Vendor Application

The Design & Construction (D&C) departments of Johns Hopkins have instituted a joint prequalification process for projects managed by Johns Hopkins Health System, Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate, the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health.   Please submit the qualification statement below for review by the Vendor Review Committee.  The Committee convenes monthly to review vendor submissions; once the submissions are reviewed, the committee recommends vendors for interviews with D&C leaders.  Monthly interview sessions will be scheduled and vendors will be notified of the status of their prequalification submission.

Basic Information
Is your organization headquarters within Baltimore's city limits?
Is your organization a certified Maryland MBE/DBE/WBE?
Is your organization a certified Baltimore City MBE/WBE?
Industry Details
Claims & Suits
Has your organization ever failed to complete any work awarded to it?
Are there any judgments, claims, arbitration proceedings, suits pending or outstanding against your organization or its officers?
Has your organization filed any lawsuits or requested arbitration with regard to design or construction contracts within the past 5 years?
Is your organization or any of its officers debarred from doing work with the State of Maryland or any of its entities?
Can your organization be bonded?
Note about Attachments: The maximum combined file size for attachments is 100mb. If you have larger files, please either attach all three requested items as a single zip (compressed) file, or email them to after submitting the remaining information.