The Homewood electricians will be performing heat and smoke tests on elevators throughout the campus for the next six weeks, on the following schedule:

April 10th and 11th

  • MSE Library
  • Remsen Hall

April 12th and 13th

  • Clark Hall
  • Garland Hall
  • Gilman Hall
  • Hodson Hall
  • Levering Hall and the Glass Pavilion

April 17th and 18th

  • Bloomberg Hall
  • Athletic and Recreation Centers
  • San Martin (including the garage)

April 19th and 20th

  • Krieger Hall
  • Maryland Hall
  • Mattin Center
  • Whitehead Hall

April 24th and 25th

  • Ames Hall
  • Greenhouse
  • the Hopkins Club (including the garage)
  • Latrobe Hall
  • Olin Hall

April 26th and 27th

  • New Chemistry
  • Dunning Hall
  • Macaulay Hall
  • Mergenthaler Hall
  • Jenkins Hall
  • Mudd Hall

May 1st and 2nd

  • Barton Hall
  • Hackerman Hall
  • Mason Hall
  • New Engineering
  • Shaffer Hall
  • Shriver Hall

May 3rd and 4th

  • Press Building
  • Seton/Education Building
  • Smokler Center
  • Interfaith Center
  • Evergreen Museum
  • Wyman Park

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience these outages may cause. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Facilities Management at (410) 516-8063 or