Exterior work on Shriver Hall is set to begin Saturday, June 16 and continue through August 10, weather permitting. Work will be completed during normal work hours in June, July and August. Exterior work consists of paint removal and restoration and painting of all wood surfaces.

Scaffolding will be built on Saturday, June 16 in the Shriver Hall portico. Shriver Hall's front entrance will be closed from June 16 until approximately August 10. **One of the entry doors will be an emergency-use-only exit from first floor main lobby.**

Exterior work will be phased. During phased work, certain entry doors will be closed to allow for completion of  work. There will always be a minimum of two doors open for use from Shriver Hall. Please reference the JHFRE website at http://www.jhfre.jhu.edu/news_and_alerts/ for logistics plans indicating dates for entry door closures. Signs will be posted.

If  there are any questions, please contact Debbie Anderson, JHFRE project manager at dander96@jhu.edu or call 410-218-9389