Make it easy. Make it fun. That’s what we hear in the world of recycling and behavior change.


So here at Homewood Recycling we continuously strive to do just that by making diversion of waste away from the incinerator – better known to most as recycling and composting – more convenient and less confusing for all.  (We’re still working on the fun part!) We spent the last year replacing all of the various and sundry waste bins scattered around the buildings with new and improved waste stations that are:

  • physically connected to reduce movement of the bins and provide greater efficiency for custodians when servicing the bins;
  • color coded to allow people to quickly identify the type of bin from a distance;
  • appropriately labeled using images and text to assist in separating waste correctly; and
  • placed to every extent possible along common paths of travel in buildings so as to be easily located by building occupants.

The majority of the bins you will see are green, blue and gray for commingle (metal, plastic and glass) recycling, paper recycling and trash (which is incinerated). In a few select areas with food you will find a green, yellow and gray combination that allows for the collection of compostable material.  In those areas not much paper is generated so we removed the blue bin. If you have paper it can be placed in the green bin.

Busch BinsWith the significant financial investment and higher visibility of the new waste stations Faculties Management’s commitment to improving Homewood’s recycling rate and ultimately reducing the human and environmental health impact of waste disposal are clear. We know our job is not complete by simply putting out nice new snazzy bins and so we are hard at work on the “make it fun” part. Stay tuned for how we plan to engage and excite all the folks on Homewood campus to “think before they toss” and hit our goal of 35% recycling rate by the end of FY14!