As the Behavior Change Specialist for the Johns Hopkins University Office of Sustainability, John Ullman sure knows how to get in your head.

His responsibilities include building and bridging lines of communication and cooperation between faculty and staff across the Hopkins' academic and administrative divisions. He also works with members of the Hopkins community to increase the adoption of environmentally preferable behaviors, with a special emphasis on fostering robust Green Teams and a Green Labs programs.  Questions about what is or is not recyclable should definitely be directed toward him, preferably using an inordinate amount of post-it notes made from virgin paper.

John started with the office in March 2013 and brought with him years of experience in environmental sustainability. John has worked on environmental education programs at and the Alliance to Save Energy, and earned a dual M.B.A. and Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University.  John is not new to the JHU family though: following in his father’s footsteps and setting the right example for his younger brother, he earned his B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology here during the formative post-Y2K years.

After graduation he spent time working as a cancer researcher at the School of Medicine where he co-authored a published paper featured in Clinical Cancer Research, and saw firsthand the resemblance between a lab’s footprint and the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch. His new year’s resolution to get in shape is, probably the same as yours, but his love of ultimate Frisbee and jogging should hopefully lead him to the mythical land of ‘fit while working full-time.’ He’s admittedly a dog person, and while his favorite Crayola color is “Jungle Green” he refuses to eat Bamboo shoots, definitive proof that he is indeed not a [kung fu] panda.