After 7 years of service to the Johns Hopkins University, our Solid Waste and Recycling Manager, Richard Abraham will be retiring.

During his tenure Richard took recycling on Homewood campus from a fledgling initiative to a more efficient and robust program that includes electronics and compost collection and the University’s first zero waste Commencement ceremony.

Filling his shoes as of February 15th will be Leana Houser. Leana has worked for JHU in many capacities since 2003 but most of you may know her through her work at the Office of Sustainability, engaging faculty and staff to adopt more sustainable practices in offices and labs. Her passion for waste minimization and diversion coupled with her love of sharing knowledge and inspiring action in others will no doubt grow the program even more to make Homewood campus as a leader in waste minimization and diversion at JHU.

You may still see Richard around campus, as he will continue to assist with the Homewood’s waste program. If you do thank him for his work. Please welcome Leana in her new role.  She looks forward to working with the entire Homewood community to make reduce, reuse, and recycle the mantra of Hopkins!