JHFRE/Planning, Architecture & Engineering is please to announce that Ann Beha Architects, in collaboration with Gustafson Guthrie Nichol landscape architects have been selected as the design consultants for our Student Union / Campus Center feasibility study.

This student life project is focused on one of the main priorities for the university through the remainder of the decade as articulated by President Ron Daniels’ Ten by Twenty vision to “Build Johns Hopkins’ undergraduate experience so it stands among the top ten in the nation.”  The goals identified for this project are:

  1. Provide a welcoming destination to congregate and socialize that fosters a sense of campus community, class identity and life-long school spirit.
  2. Supply a variety of activated social spaces to complement the rigorous academic life of the JHU student and foster serendipitous interactions.
  3. Provide large-scale multipurpose space that expands campus options for student life programming, special events and conferences.
  4. Consolidate student service and support functions through thoughtful adjacencies near the hub of campus activity, enhancing access and convenience while freeing up valuable real estate at the academic core.

The area encompassing the Mattin Center, Whitehead Hall, the Merrick Barn, and the new Brody Learning is proposed as the site for a new Student Union / Campus Center precinct.  Identified as the “campus heart,” this location serves as a crossroads between the traditional academic core of campus and the neighboring Charles Village community.  We will be working with a broad cross section of campus constituents and community representatives to develop a concept for a facility that is uniquely Hopkins. 

We look forward to sharing more information with you as the study is developed.