If the Homewood Recycling Office had a farm team Trevor Hummel would be its first signed player. 

Starting out as a student worker in the summer of 2010, Trevor brought a cheerful smile, an incredibly strong work ethic and some deep philosophical musings to the office. After earning his Bachelors of Philosophy in 2012 he returned to work for the office full time in November. He played a key role supporting the collection of recyclable materials from campus, as well as, identifying and executing improvements to the operations.

Beginning in the summer of 2013 Trevor’s contribution to the Homewood Recycling mission of fostering responsible waste reduction and disposal in order to protect the health of our community and our environment expanded significantly to take on the challenge of events on campus. As you probably know first hand there are events on the Homewood campus each and every day and they generate a great deal of waste. Much of this waste is food or food related which means it is compostable but sadly a large portion of it was not getting composted. Just to clue you in the number of compost bins requested in 2012 was 0. Since Trevor began actively engaging event planners in the summer of 2013 to inform them about the opportunity to capture all of that valuable compostable material the number of compost bins requested in just the first half of the 2013 academic year was 44 or 61% of the events planned!! So you can plainly understand why this is one of his favorite parts of the job. Not only does it get him outside – which as a Canadian is essential to maintaining his dual citizenship – but he enjoys helping people turn their waste into amazingly nutrient rich soil. Because the program is new he has been able to shape and nurture it or as he says, “convert potential to reality”.

Outside of our Hopkins bubble Trevor is “living the dream” biking (his longest ride was 500 miles to New Jersey and back where he slept on federal land and farms only getting “moved along” by the police twice) and reading (his favorites include The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and The Farther Reaches of Human Nature by Abraham Maslow). Even though summer compost bins can get pretty smelly and it is hard to keep up with the never-ending work, Homewood Recycling’s youngest MVP will hopefully be on the team for years to come.