There will be a Crane Lift that is scheduled for Tuesday morning at the Muller building. The crane operation is scheduled from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Tuesday, 11/26/19. The crane and delivery truck will both fit within the turnaround in front of the building, so the vehicular traffic will not be affected. However, the sidewalk in front of the building and the pedestrian traffic to and from the building will be affected.

Below is a map that describes how we will redirect the pedestrian traffic around the crane operation in order to provide a safe path of travel. We will post a sign for pedestrian at each location that the sidewalk is closed that will direct them to the designated path that will provide entrance and exit to and from the building. Due to the fact that pedestrians will need to cross the street at an area where there is no cross walk available, we will have a designated crossing guard to assist with controlling vehicular traffic for safe pedestrian crossing, throughout the crane operation.