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Date: Nov 2015

As you may know, fire alarms are tested quarterly in each building on the Homewood Campus.  The schedule for these tests can always be found here. In addition to these quarterly tests, the Baltimore City fire code requires an annual unannounced fire drill with full building evacuation.  The evacuation drill has historically been scheduled separately from the other tests or recorded de facto through real fire and non-fire alarm events.  

In an attempt to eliminate disturbances throughout the year, Health, Safety and Environment has teamed up with Homewood Facilities to combine the full evacuation drill with one of the quarterly tests.  We will, as always, be contacting those of you who have special circumstances and need advance notice.  Please email Perry Cooper if you feel that you fall under this umbrella.

As a reminder, JHU’s official fire alarm response procedure is:  when the building alarm sounds, all occupants are required to evacuate. Calmly and quickly, walk to the nearest emergency exit. When leaving the building, move away from the exit doorway and away from the building to allow emergency responder access. Check with your supervisor to determine your departments established designated outdoor place of assembly.

Perry Cooper, Health Safety & Environment

Heather Michaelson, Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate

On Saturday November 7th, from approximately 6 AM through 2 PM, there will be construction activity in the Levering Plaza associated with a project at Ames Hall. ...Click here to read more.

Nov 2015
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