When the east coast was slammed with a storm called Jonah, beginning Friday, January 22, our Homewood Campus Plant Operations were there throughout the duration and well after. 

A total combined 67 staff and contractors started at 4 pm Friday, January 22 and worked straight through until 4 pm Tuesday, January 26, assuring the Homewood Campus could open again for classes and business Wednesday morning.  Approximately 120 tons of snow was either plowed or trucked off site.

And some of the challenges of such an undertaking?  Locating actual walkways to plow; driving winds covering cleared walkways, having to be cleared again; equipment stress and repairs; appropriate rest for crews; housing and feeding staff; and refreezing.

These photos are a small sampling of a few sites on campus.  The “mystery” image is the very top of a fire hydrant!

Additional Coverage: Rain, shine or blustering snow, our vital staff is here for us