Safety must always come first on the Homewood Campus, and in this case, it meant saying goodbye to an old guardian.

In his usual course of the day, Groundskeeper Stephen Blaes noticed a huge split in a tree along the Freshman Quad.  He reported the concern immediately to his supervisor, Grounds Manager John Beauchamp.  Upon inspection, Beauchamp, a certified arborist, called in an outside certified arborist for a second opinion.

While one of the oldest trees on campus, the two determined the tree had to come down for safety concerns, both human and structures.  Because of a “decay cavity” large enough to compromise the stability of the trunk and root system, the tree was removed within 48 hours of Stephen’s find.

The tree may be gone but does not have to be forgotten.  At a carpenter’s suggestion, a block of the tree trunk is now replanted in the natural play environment of our Early Learning Center.  Here it joins other blocks of wood from trees removed from the site of the Center, where little ones now bring new energy and life to their interactive playground.