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Request Event Support

Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate offers a variety of services to assist with events, most commonly with furniture rentals, trash removal and cleanup. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the Campus Use Guidelines, as they may affect your event and the approval of your support request.

Event support services are billable: Have your cost center or internal order and the associated fund number available before you begin filling out this form. If you do not have this information, please contact the person who handles finance and accounting for your group.

This form should be submitted no later than 10 days prior to your event. Our staff will contact you to make the appropriate arrangements once the information is reviewed and approved.  

Johns Hopkins is committed to sustainability and strongly encourages recycling and composting at campus events. Please read the Homewood Zero Waste Events Guide for more information on greening your event and saving money on event fees.

Contact Information
This should be the main point of contact for Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate regarding your event. Be sure to give us the best contact information so we can reach you with any questions or concerns and approvals for your event.
Event Details
Tell us about your event!
Furniture Rentals
Do you need furniture for your event? We can lease tables and chairs for you from a third-party provider.

Note: Event organizers are responsible for any additional charges incurred due to missing/damaged equipment.
Food Service
Will you be serving food at your event? Consider planning a Zero Waste Event and using one of the JHU Preferred Green Caterers (linked below). Waste management fees for Zero Waste Events are waived.
Will food be provided?
Grilling requires approval from Plant Operations. Plywood must be placed underneath the grills and all hot coals and ash disposed of in coal cans. Plant Operations may also specify where the grills can be placed on campus.
Will there be any grills used during your event?*
Waste Removal
Will there be any waste resulting from your event? We can provide bins, monitor the event, and help you remove the trash afterward.
Will you need waste bins?
If yes, will the waste bins need to be monitored and emptied periodically during the event?
Other Services
What other services can we provide for you?
Will anyone connected to your event need to bring a vehicle on campus?*
Will you need access to outdoor power outlets?*
Billing Information
If you need services not listed above or want to give us additional information, please attach any relevant documents or add comments below.

Need audio/visual equipment?

We have an IT group that specializes in A/V setups. To submit a request, go here: