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Maximo Email Filtering

The email notifications from Maximo have been designed so they can easily be filtered into a sub-folder of your inbox if you'd prefer not to see them.

Here's how to set up a rule in Outlook to do just that:

  1. Click on the 'Tools' menu in Maximo, the fifth option in your main navigation, and click on Rules and Alerts when the menu appears.

  2. Clicking Rules and Alerts will give you the pop-up below. You want to select 'New Rule'.

  3. New Rule opens the Rules Wizard, which will walk you through setting up your new email filter. Under 'Start from a blank rule', select 'Check messages when they arrive', and then click Next at the bottom.

  4. The next window to appear is where you specify what you want the filter to look for. Check 'with specific words in the subject', which is the second option, and then click on 'specific words' in Step 2, at the bottom.

  5.  Clicking 'specific words' prompts Outlook to ask what words you want it to search for. In this case, you want Outlook to filter emails with subjects that contain 'Homewood Facilities Notification', which will be in the subject line of every automated email you receive from Maximo. Click Add, and then OK.

  6. Next, Outlook wants to know what you want it to do with the emails. Check 'move it to the specified folder', then click on 'specified' in Step 2. This will open a browser in Outlook and let you select the folder you want these emails to be filtered into. If you'd like to create a new folder for the Maximo emails, you can do that here, by clicking New. Otherwise, select and existing folder and click OK.

  7. You should end up with a screen that looks like this, with Step 2 detailing the full rule you have completed. This rule will automaticallly put any email with the phrase Homewood Facilities Notification into the Maximo Notifications folder without ever going into the inbox.
    Click Next, at this point.

  8. The final step is to assign a name to the rule. You can also check the option to run the rule, which will move any notifications that are currently in your inbox for you. If everything looks good, click Finish. From this point, Outlook will check each of your incoming emails and move the notifications for you. If you ever need to review a notification, it will be in the folder you noted, or available by searching your emails.

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