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Furniture Reuse Requests

Complete the form below to request furniture selected from the Furniture Reuse catalog. If you need more than 8 items, please include the additional items in the notes area or submit a second form.

If you have questions about program or the available items, please see the Furniture Reuse FAQ.


Basic Information
Please be as specific as possible, including building and and the applicable room number. Homewood Recycling will deliver furniture if it is just a few items, under 200lbs. Larger deliveries will need to be coordinated with a moving company.
Items Requested
Item Number
Cost information is required for all furniture purchases. Please see the Finance or Accounting contact for your department to obtain this information.


Johns Hopkins University
Facilities & Real Estate
3910 Keswick Rd. Suite N3100
Baltimore, MD 21211
443.997.5302 / 443.997.3737