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Request a Service


How Do I Request a Service?

The Plant Operations Service Center coordinates all maintenance and repairs. For your convenience, requests can be submitted to the Service Center in one of three ways: Webform, email or phone.

Emergency requests should always be made by phone for prompt attention.

  • Request Maintenance Services
  • All maintenance requests, such as burned out bulbs, too hot/cold in buildings, whiteboard and photo mounting, painting, etc.
  • Call Us
  • Reach us at (410) 516-8063, Monday through Friday from 7:30AM through 5:00PM.
  • Report after-hours emergencies to Security at (410) 516-4600.
  • Send us an email at with questions or concerns about requests.

Make sure to have the following information available when submitting a request:

  • Contact Person's name, JHED ID, phone number and email address
  • Location where service is needed (including floor and room number)
  • Description of the service required
  • Date the service is required (if applicable)
  • For chargeable services, budget information including a Cost Center, Internal Order or WBS Element, AND the appropriate Fund number

You can also request support for events, recycling and utility outages through the links below.

What is the process for service requests?

There are multiple steps in the lifecycle of a work order. We use a tracking system called Maximo to assist us in this process. The abbreviations in parentheses on each step correspond to the status in Maximo. We have recently modified the system to email you each time the status of your request is changed.

  1. The Service Center receives your request and enters the information into Maximo. (WAPPR - Waiting for Approval)
  2. The Maintenance Coordinator reviews the request for accuracy and detail and will either contact you for more information or approve the request. (APPR - Approved)
  3. The Supervisor for the responsible maintenance group reviews and prioritizes the request, then assigns it to a staff member.
  4. The Maintenance Technician assesses and begins work on the requested repairs/service. (INPRG – In Progress)
  5. When the Technician completes your request, they will check in to let you know they’re finished. (WORKDONE)*
  6. The supervisor will review and mark the work order as completed. (COMP – Completed)

*Sometimes parts need to be ordered, a vendor scheduled, or we need to involve another maintenance shop. In these cases, you may see a status of HOLD or TRANSFER while we make these arrangements. The Supervisor or Maintenance Technician should communicate with you directly about the delay and the expected timeframe to complete your request.

Billable Services

For billable services (e.g. events, outages, custom installations, etc.) there are a few more steps.

  1. Once the service request is returned to the Service Center, the billable hours and materials are logged into Maximo. (CLOSE - Closed)
  2. You will receive an email detailing the total costs for your request and the Cost Center, Internal Order or WBS Element to be charged. If you need to ask questions or make changes to this information, please contact the Service Center as soon as possible. If we have not heard from you within seven days, the charges will be sent to SAP.
  3. Charges are processed on Tuesday nights, and should be visible on your BW reports by Thursday morning under GL 692400. The Long Description field will contain the Maximo ticket number from your emails and a brief description to help you identify the repair items.

If at any point you have a question or concern about a request, please contact us at or 410.516.8063.

How are service requests scheduled and/or prioritized?

We respond to service requests based on a variety of factors:

  • Priority
  • Access to the building/room
  • Personnel
  • Resources

We make every effort to complete requests within a reasonable length of time as well as accommodating departmental needs and requests.

Do I have to pay for my service request?

Many repairs are included in the campus space rate and are comparable to the services a landlord would provide, such as plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling system repairs. However, some other available services are not included.

For example, we will paint your space as part of the agreement once every 7 years. If you request to have your office painted a different color two years after the last painting, we would charge you for that service. Renovations and customization of departmental space, hanging of bulletin boards, framed photos, etc, fall into this category as well. More details about special service requests are available under the appropriate areas on the individual Services pages.

What is considered an emergency?

Emergencies are typically anything causing major property damage or posing a life safety risk. These include fires, floods, and structural damage, among others. If you ever have a concern and are not sure if it is an emergency, please call the Service Center at (410) 516-8063 weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, or Security at (410) 516-4600 at all other times.

How do I request an estimate?

Requesting an estimate is simple - submit a service request and the appropriate supervisor will contact you to review your needs. Estimates are billable requests. As an example, if an estimate takes 30 minutes to review, determine and document, that 30 minutes of labor is charged and billed. We will log the costs for the actual repair on a second service request and charge them against your budget when the work is complete.

May I contact a supervisor directly?

For organizational and tracking purposes, all service requests should come through the Service Center. Maintenance supervisors and technicians may not accept requests directly from customers.

How can I stop receiving emails related to my service request?

Unfortunately, Maximo does not support selective email. We recommend setting up an email filter in Outlook to divert these emails into a subfolder rather than your inbox and have compiled instructions on how to do so.

How can I save time and money?

We'll have this question answered soon. For the moment, please contact us at 410-516-8063 with any concerns about service costs.

Where are the Ground Use Guidelines and Posting Policies?

This information can be found under the "Working With Us" section of the website.

What if I am not at the Homewood Campus?

Our focus is the Homewood campus and its associated buildings. This includes Wyman Park, the Education Building, Eastern and the smaller buildings that Johns Hopkins owns in the Charles Village area, such as the Press Building and the Interfaith Center. If you are on the East Baltimore (Hospital) campus, Bayview, Mount Washington, or at any other Johns Hopkins facility, you should contact their Facilities Management department. For your convenience, we have compiled these contacts here.

Johns Hopkins University
Facilities & Real Estate
3910 Keswick Rd. Suite N3100
Baltimore, MD 21211
443.997.5302 / 443.997.3737