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Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate (JHFRE) provides the expertise, policies and standards required to plan, design, construct, operate, maintain and renew the physical assets of the University’s Homewood Campus, and additionally provides planning, design, construction and management support at the Peabody Institute, Carey Business School, School of Nursing, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Montgomery County, Nanjing, and Bologna campuses.


Our mission is to plan, create, operate, and maintain exemplary physical environments to support the Johns Hopkins mission.


The vision of Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate is to deliver responsive service with excellent outcomes. 

This is accomplished by making certain we have an educated, trained, and experienced group of dedicated professionals who believe in what they do.  From designing new buildings and keeping them clean and comfortable, to overseeing the most efficient routes of the Blue Jay Shuttle, to finding space for new endeavors and saving resources through environmental stewardship, our staff must always be prepared to listen to our customers and apply their collective skill, knowledge, experience, and decision-making to each and every engagement.

We do this by keeping our division’s three goals central in every discussion: 

  1. To provide consistently positive customer experiences. 
  2. Lead and support strategic university initiatives through exceptional collaboration, execution, and stewardship. 
  3. Foster a positive and inclusive workplace that engages and develops our employees.


Johns Hopkins University
Facilities & Real Estate
3910 Keswick Rd. Suite N3100
Baltimore, MD 21211
443.997.5302 / 443.997.3737