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Fire Alarms are tested several times per year on the Homewood Campus, between the hours of 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. with the exception of the Alumni Memorial Residences (AMRs), which are tested at 1:00 p.m.

Scheduled dates are always subject to change.

2021 Testing Dates



3505 N. Charles Street4/20
Abel Wolman House4/20
Interfaith Center4/20
Press Building4/20
Smokler Center4/20
Barton Hall4/21
Croft Hall (New Engineering)4/21
Hackerman Hall (CompSci)4/21
Malone Hall4/21
Mason Hall and South Garage4/21
Shaffer Hall4/21
Shriver Hall4/21
Dunning Hall4/22
Macaulay Hall4/22
Mudd Hall (inc. Levi and Bio East)4/22
New Chemistry Building4/22
Undergraduate Teaching Labs4/22
Ames Hall4/27
Latrobe Hall4/27
Olin Hall4/27
Krieger Hall4/28
Maryland Hall4/28
Mattin Center4/28
Power Plant4/28
Whitehead Hall4/28
Athletic Center and Recreation Center4/29
Bloomberg Building4/29
Cordish Lacrosse Center4/29
North Chiller Plant4/29
San Martin Center and Garage4/29
Clark Hall5/18
Garland Hall5/18
Gilman Hall5/18
Hodson Hall5/18
Levering Student Union5/18
Brody Learning Commons (BLC)5/19
Homewood House5/19
Mergenthaler-Jenkins Hall5/19
MSE Library5/19
Remsen Hall5/19
Wyman Park5/20
JHU Inn5/20
3001 Remington Ave.5/20
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