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Krieger Waterproofing

Key Features

In May of 2016 JHFRE started a major repair project to Krieger Hall on the Keyser Quad.

The scope of the project is to make above and below ground waterproofing repairs to the north façade of the building, and also correct structural deficiencies to an adjacent colonnaded walkway between Krieger and Ames Hall.

It will be a major project, similar in scale and potential disruption to a new building being built.  A large excavation will be necessary and some of the scope will involve noisy work (dump trucks, excavators, jackhammering / chipping and saw cutting).

Expected Completion

The project began in May 2016, with a tentative completion date of August 2017.

Project Updates:

Project updates are distributed on a weekly basis via email.  The updates contain a two week look-ahead that describes the activities planned and are categorized by the potential for noise and disruption. The list of recent updates will be updated weekly to include the most current information, and is a good resource for understanding what is happening on the project.  If you would like to be included in the weekly email distribution or are interested in activities forecasted out greater than two weeks we would ask that you contact the project team (contact information is listed below).

Keyser Quad Sidewalk Logistics Plan Phase 2

Facts & Figures

What does the project involve?

Work crews will dig an excavation on the north side of Krieger Hall (which faces the Keyser Quad) approximately 20 feet wide, 27 feet deep, and 200 feet long in order to reach the lower levels and foundation of the building. They will install a new foundation drain and pump system and add waterproofing on the exterior of the north wall and below the Krieger east plaza. They will temporarily remove the ADA ramp and window well structures on the north side and improve those elements when they are restored to the building.  Alternate ADA entrances will remain available during the construction. This project also involves disassembly of the colonnade between Krieger and Ames halls. Workers will make structural improvements, install waterproofing measures, and then reconstruct the colonnade to eliminate cracks and ensure future stability.

Why is the university undertaking this project?

The three lower floors of Krieger Hall—including two and a half that are below ground level—have water seeping in the north wall and the water drainage around the building is inadequate. Krieger was built in 1933 and requires this maintenance project in order to protect property inside the building; make sure the classroom, lab, and office space remains usable; and ensure the long-term stability of the structure. The colonnade also requires waterproofing and restoration in order to remain in use for years to come.

How long will the project take?

Construction activities began in May 2016 and the project is anticipated to be completed in August 2017.

What will happen to the Keyser Quad and other areas around the construction?

A significant portion of Keyser Quad will be fenced off for construction activities. There will also be a temporary haul road for trucks to come to the site from North Charles Street using the East Gate circle and driving around the north end of the MSE Library into the construction area. Flaggers will escort construction traffic and pedestrians at key intersections. The Beach will remain open. Pedestrian traffic will be redirected around the construction by a series of wayfinding signs. Signs will mark alternative pedestrian routes, including pathways and building entrances that will accommodate individuals with disabilities. Only one entrance to Krieger Hall will be closed during the construction. Although the breezeway will be closed, pedestrians will be able to enter and exit Krieger and Ames by way of temporary stairs leading towards the lower quad. Pedestrians will not be able to enter or leave Keyser Quad through the Krieger/Ames breezeway. Details are outlined on the Site Logistics Plan

What will happen to events that are normally held on Keyser Quad?

The Johns Hopkins Facilities and Real Estate team has been meeting with representatives from divisions and offices across the university for several months to make them aware of the project. Summer activities, CTY programs, orientation events, the Lighting of the Quads, and other events are being moved to alternate locations during the construction.

What about student groups that want to hand out information in the colonnade?

Johns Hopkins University Student Leadership and Involvement will advise students as to an alternate location for their specific activity.

Will there still be classes in Krieger Hall during the construction?

Five classrooms in Krieger Hall will be closed during construction, and the university is taking this opportunity to renovate those rooms in preparation for future class use. Faculty members will continue to use offices and laboratories in the building during the construction, and may schedule classes in rooms that are not part of the renovation. The facilities team is working with the Krieger and Whiting schools to make sure faculty understand and plan for the effects the project may have on daily activity.

How much noise will the project cause?

The use of heavy equipment will cause noise and vibrations, with the greatest disruptions planned to occur from 6 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday. Work will continue after noon on weekdays, with restrictions on noise and vibrations. At times, work shifts will be scheduled during evenings and weekends to avoid disruptions during the workday. The Johns Hopkins Facilities and Real Estate team has been working with representatives from the Krieger and Whiting schools, the Sheridan Libraries, and Student Housing to make faculty, staff, and students aware of possible disruptions.

How will the project affect students trying to study in the library and Brody Learning Commons?

Students should be aware of the times when noise will and will not be restricted in order to plan their study activities.

Is Krieger Hall a historic building?

Krieger Hall is one of Homewood's oldest buildings The building was designed in 1928 and finished construction in 1929. The structure is listed by the Maryland Historic Trust as historically significant, which establishes certain requirements for any renovation project. The university received the Trust's unconditional approval of the project in May 2016. See an orginal 1928 elevation drawing here.

Is this project going to damage the quad?

Most of the existing trees on the quad will be fenced off and protected from construction equipment. Several trees will be pruned. A few will be relocated and a few will be removed with new trees planted in their place when construction is complete. At the end of the project, the sidewalks and grass will be restored.

How much will the project cost?

The total cost for design, construction, and associated activities is currently estimated at approximately $14 million.

Project Team

Chuck Hilseberg, Sr. Project Manager (443-997-3732, and Jim Peach, Associate Director of Design and Construction (443-997-4648, from Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate are responsible for managing the project. Please contact them should you have any questions or concerns.

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Map of the Construction Zone

See the link above for the Site Pedestrian Plan.  This will be helpful in navigating your way around the construction.  Once the construction boundary is established additional caution, wayfinding, and informational signage will be placed around the site.

Access Questions or Concerns

Should you have questions regarding ADA accessible pathways around the construction, or require assistance, please contact The Office of Institutional Equity at or 410-516-8949, TTY 711, MD Relay.

Johns Hopkins University Office of Communications

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Maps and Navigation

Site Logistics Plan

Pedestrian Plans


General Questions and Concerns

Chuck Hilseberg
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Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Office of Institutional Equity
410.516.8949, TTY 711, MD Relay

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