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The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing occupies three buildings on the East Baltimore campus—the Pinkard Building, and Student and School of Nursing Houses.  Designed and built in the early 1990’s, the Pinkard Building is a five-story facility that serves as the central learning and work space for SoN students and faculty.  The original building was designed for a significantly smaller student population and at a time when the school offered undergraduate education.  The School of Nursing has an expanded student population and has transitioned to Masters, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate education.  This has driven the need for additional classrooms, research space, learning space, event space and support spaces.

Hord Coplan Macht + William Rawn Associates is currently providing design services for the SoN.  The goal is to explore innovative space planning to maximize space utilization, improve learning and research, accommodate expanded central student services, minimize long term operating & maintenance expenses and increase overall efficiency within the school.  The project began in Fall 2016 with a feasibility study and complete facilities assessment for all three of the school’s buildings to document the existing conditions of the buildings and systems and project short and long term deferred maintenance expenses.

In 2017 the university partnered with the Gilbane Building Company for pre-construction and construction phase services to execute the building of the project.

The project includes the demolition of the School of Nursing House and, in its place, the construction a 36,000 sf addition.

New program spaces include open and enclosed study space for students, a café, reimagined administrative and faculty spaces to encourage cross institutional collaboration, an expanded conference and event space, new centers for research and new, technology rich learning spaces. The north end of the Pinkard Building, amounting to 30,250 sf, will be renovated and clad in a more transparent skin to allow the building to enliven the street and create a welcoming learning environment.  Exterior site improvements are limited to the north portion of the site and include a new ADA accessible entrance terrace, stormwater management, and minor landscape and hardscape improvements. .

Rendering of renovated and addition spaces at the Wolfe and McElderry St. intersection. 

Expected Completion Schedule

The school will remain occupied throughout construction which is scheduled to start in the fall of 2018 and complete in the fall of 2020

Project Updates

Update #97 200924

Update #98 201008

Update #99 201022

Facts and Figures

Will the building remain open during construction?

Yes the building will remain open during construction.

Will classes be impacted by the construction?

Some classes will be held in different buildings in order to facilitate the renovations to the current spaces.  Check course schedules and with the SoN registrar's office for more information.

How much noise will the construction cause?

The work will involve noisy and disruptive activities normally associated with a project of the proposed scale.  Especially noisy and disruptive work will be scheduled for off peak building operational hours.

How much will the project cost?

The project budget is $45 million dollars. 

Will sidewalk access be blocked?

In some instances existing sidewalks will be closed so that construction can occur in those areas. Alternate paths will be provided and the building will remain fully accessible.  Please refer to the SoN project Pedestrian & Site Plan for helpful information and diagrams of the site.

A new phase of the work is beginning in October of 2019, the installation of an underground storm sewer.  A logistics plan for this work impacting the east entrance / exit of the Pinkard building is found here: Storm Sewer Work Logistics Plan


Project Team

The Johns Hopkins Office of Facilities & Real Estate is responsible for managing the project.  Please contact them should you have any questions.


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