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Hopkins Student Center


Project Description

The Hopkins Student Center is designed to be an open, modern, accessible, welcoming facility envisioned as a social engagement hub for all members of the Hopkins community. When it opens in fall 2024, the Hopkins Student Center will include spaces for relaxation and socialization, co-curricular arts programs, student resources and support services, media and digital media lounges, a performance space with seating for up to 200 people, and a variety of dining options. The facility will satisfy the long-acknowledged need for a true nonacademic gathering spot on the university's Homewood campus. 


Project Schedule? 

Planning and Design: Spring 2019-Spring 2021 

Demolition of Mattin Center and Whitehead Hall: Summer 2021-Fall 2021 

  • Fencing starting to go up now 
  • ?Demolition mobilization begins end of July, beginning of August 
  • Demolition beginning of August 

Site Work: Fall 2021 

Construction Begins: Winter 2022 

Building Opens: Summer 2024 


Traffic and Pedestrian Closures, Detours 

N. Charles Street will be closed to southbound traffic between 33rd and 32nd Streets. Northbound traffic and pedestrian and bicycle traffic will remain. The loop servicing The Beach is not effected and will remain accessible from the southbound traffic lane.? 

Pedestrians will be safely detoured around the site on campus as well as on N. Charles Street 

Construction workers will park at Johns Hopkins at Eastern on 33rd?Street and will be shuttled to the job site daily. 


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