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Event Support

Most activities that occur either on campus grounds or in academic buildings should be coordinated through Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate.

This office is responsible for evaluating each request, determining the various entities that will be affected by the activity, and getting feedback and/or approval from each one, interpreting agency policy and procedures for requestors, approving requests, and following up on each activity. The primary objective is to help requestors have a successful event that is safe for participants and protects University property. The Campus Use Guidelines give more information about these policies. 

Some of the services we provide for events: 

  • Rearrange existing furniture for special events
  • Procure and set up additional tables and chairs
  • Clean up before and after special events
  • Supply containers for trash, recycling, and composting
  • Waste (trash/recycling/compost) collection and litter control
  • Electrical and plumbing hook-ups and on-site electrician 
  • Procure coat racks and hangers
  • Locate underground utility lines and adjust sprinklers
  • Install temporary fencing
  • Supply plywood and hot coal cans for grilling

We ask that you give us at least 10 days advance notice for any event requiring support so that we are able to provide the best possible service for your function.

JHFRE also provides critical logistics and physical plant support services to most major university events, including Commencement, Convocation, Homecoming and Alumni Weekend.

Do you typically have extra food leftover from your campus catered event? Become a Free Food Alert Event Planner. The Free Food Alert (FFA) program was pioneered by the Johns Hopkins Homewood Recycling Office in order to minimize the amount of food wasted during catered events on campus. We connect hungry people with left over food to reduce local food insecurity and the total amount of wasted food on campus. 


Need audio/visual equipment?

We have an IT group that specializes in A/V setups. To submit a request, go here:

Johns Hopkins University
Facilities & Real Estate
3910 Keswick Rd. Suite N3100
Baltimore, MD 21211
443.997.5302 / 443.997.3737