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Plant Operations

Plant Operations is comprised of a diverse staff of skilled tradesmen, housekeepers, groundskeepers, administrative staff and managers who provide daily maintenance, cleaning and operational services to support our customers and help maintain the Homewood Campus.

Some of the basic services we provide:

Our ASE certified Automotive Technician repairs and maintains the University fleet including golf carts, passenger transports, Security vehicles, and small equipment.

Carpenters maintain and repair interior and exterior wood components such as window frames, doors and frames, walls, floors, decorative molding, etc. Carpentry also repairs and replaces drop-ceiling systems.

Custodians maintain a clean interior building environment as well as provide set-up services (tables and chairs) for various University activities and special events. Additionally, custodians provide trash removal and coordinate pest control.

Electricians maintain and repair low and high voltage electrical systems, power outlets, interior and exterior lighting, and fire alarm systems.

Interested in going green? The Office of Sustainability and our Engineering and Energy department can help you to identify, design and execute projects to improve energy efficiency, reduce water consumption, reduce draftiness and thermal leaks through the building envelope, improve indoor and air quality, and promote recycling and alternative transportation. Together we can provide leadership by creating healthy living, learning and working environments, reducing operating costs and achieving the goals of the President’s Task Force on Climate Change.

Groundskeepers perform turf, tree, and shrubbery maintenance, seasonal planting, snow removal, and general upkeep of walkways and roadways.

HVAC technicians provide maintenance and repair of heating, cooling, ventilating and exhaust air systems. HVAC is also responsible for building automation, compressed air, fans, blowers and laboratory fume hoods.

Locksmiths are tasked with maintaining all lock and key systems, as well as all door hardware, including closers.

Painters perform interior and exterior painting on a rotational basis, drywall repairs, and plastering. Painters also repair or replace glass windows and remove graffiti.

Plumbers maintain and repair domestic water, sewer, and natural gas systems, bathroom fixtures, drinking fountains, and sprinkler systems.

Recycling services are available for traditional materials such as paper and aluminum, as well as electronics, batteries, printer cartridges, etc.

Roofers are responsible for the exterior roofing on each building, roof drains, and gutters. In addition, roofers perform maintenance on exterior building surfaces.

If you are not located at the Homewood Campus or one of the nearby University buildings, each campus has its own Facilities group.

If you don’t see the service you’re interested in, it may be handled by a different department, such as Parking, Security or the Blue Jay Shuttle. Please call or email us for assistance.


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