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Ground Use Guidelines

Bicycle Access

  • Circulation along paved walks, courtyards
  • Storage within designated bicycle racks
  • Chaining to railings, benches and lampposts is prohibited

Events and Activities

  • Light pedestrian use of paved and grass areas (e.g. picnic, movie night)
  • Light recreational use (e.g. Frisbee)
  • Limited temporary structures (e.g. booths, tents) are permissible, but placement must be coordinated with Plant Operations


  • Permitted with approval from Plant Operations
  • Placement of grills will be part of the approval process
  • Grills require plywood underneath and coal cans for disposal of coals and ash

Performance Platforms

  • Temporary stage is allowed within proscribed area


  • Flyers - post on event panels only
  • Banners - may be posted in certain locations - contact Plant Operations for details
  • Chalking of walks and plazas is pemissible

Vehicular Access

  • Street vehicle access is prohibited; special access may be granted by Plant Operations
  • Circulation by light transport vehicles along paved areas approved for Security
  • Commercial delivery vehicles to park in designated Service Vehicle spaces adjacent to improved areas
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