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Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate is responsible for administering the application of reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions regarding the use of designated public forums in order to protect and maintain University resources, facilities and property and to promote public health, safety and welfare.

Activities must be conducted in accordance with all applicable policies of the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate, as well as local fire and safety regulations, noise ordinances and other restrictions.

Events and other activities may not disrupt everyday University operations, including blocking vehicular or pedestrian traffic, impeding access to building entrances and exits, or creating health or safety hazards. JHFRE reserves the right to deny any request due to other planned activities or the condition of the quad.

General Ground Use Guidelines

“Light Recreational Use” is meant to imply casual recreational use such as frisbee, ball tossing, and sunbathing. Activities requiring participants to run, such as frisbee or ball toss should be limited to groups of 10 or less.

Team practices and/or competitive team sports such as lacrosse, soccer, football, and the like are prohibited on the Quads, Decker Garden, and the Beach.

Spiked shoes are prohibited on the Quads, Decker Garden, and the Beach.

Persons walking dogs are required to leash and curb their dogs at all times on the Homewood Campus.

It is prohibited to chain bicycles to bollards, benches, railings, chain link fences and place bicycle inside building exit stairwells.

Skateboarding is permitted on paved and bricked paths only. Skateboarding on stairs, benches, railings, and other than paved or bricked paths is prohibited.

Grass areas may be rotated for use or designated off-limits when conditions warrant and/or turf maintenance is underway. Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate will denote such areas with the appropriate signage.


Vehicular use of any kind is prohibited on campus without approval from Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate. 


When University classes are in session sound amplification is not allowed. Amplified sound is restricted to prevent unreasonable interference with or disruption to normal Campus activities. In no event shall it exceed 85 db at the source.

Any Sponsoring Organization/Individual using musical sound systems must clarify their wattage and power amperage needs with Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate no less than ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled event.

Events (including Tents and Grilling)

Events that require Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate assistance should be scheduled a minimum of 10 days in advance of the event, and include contact information for the individual responsible for coordinating the event. By submitting an event request, the sponsoring organization or individual accepts responsibility and assumes risk for any personal injury, property damage, or financial liability resulting from their event or activity.

Tents and temporary structures, where permissible, must be approved by Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate for location and anchoring before assembling. If approved, these structures may not use stakes for anchoring; ballasts such as water jugs and concrete blocks are acceptable.

Generally, light grilling is permissible on campus with approval from Plant Operations. Plywood must be placed underneath the grills and all hot coals and ash disposed of in coal cans. Placement of grills must be coordinated with Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate.

Clean up is the responsibility of the organization or individual sponsoring the event. The event site must be left neat and free of trash and other debris each day. All tables, chairs and/or structures must be dismantled and removed at the end of the event. Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate will, if possible, provide assistance when requested.
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