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Posting is limited to posting kiosks, event panels and the Gilman tunnel panels only; affixing posters, advertisements, etc, to any other location is prohibited. This includes light poles, emergency phones, doors, walls, benches, trees, and all other fixed surfaces.

Signs and banners may be affixed to interiors and exteriors of buildings with the permission of the appropriate Building Manager and the Office of Facilities and Real Estate.

Chalking, where permissible, is limited to bricks only; chalking of marble, walls, and benches is prohibited.

Petitioning, picketing, carrying of placards, and/or distribution of written information is not permitted on the Homewood Campus without approval from the Office of Facilities and Real Estate. Signs and placards may not have any poles, sticks or wooden/metal attachments that could serve as weapons.

We reserve the right to limit the time, location and manner of free expression activities to minimize disruption to official University activities.
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